District 1
 District 2
 District 3
 Legislative Branch
 Urban Area
 17230 Noopiming Lane
 Aazhoomog Clinic
 All Nations Indian Church
 Anishinaabe College
 Black Bear Casino Resort
 Cambridge Community Center (AFRC)
 Carlton County Public Health and Human Services
 Chiminising Community Center
 Como Zoo
 Crowne Plaza St. Paul Riverfront
 DI Media Room
 District I (Mille Lacs) Community Center
 District I Assisted Living Unit
 District I Public Health Building
 District II (East Lake) Community Center/Clinic
 District II Assisted Living Unit
 District II-A (Isle) Community Center
 District III (Aazhoomog) Community Center
 District III Assisted Living Unit
 East Lake
 East Lake Clinic
 East Lake Maintenance Facility
 Eddy's Resort
 Four Plex
 Grand Casino Hinckley
 Grand Casino Hinckley Event Center
 Grand Casino Hotel (Room # posted at elevators
 Grand Casino Mille Lacs
 Grand National Golf Course
 Grand Northern Grill
 Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC)
 Hinckley Corporate Building
 Holy Cross Center
 Iskigamizigan Powwow Grounds
 Lake Lena
 Lake Lena Mainentance Building
 Lake Mille Lacs
 Mille Lacs
 Mille Lacs Band Government Center
 Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Powwow Grounds
 Mille Lacs Band Old Transfer Station
 Mille Lacs Band Urban Office
 Mille Lacs Indian Museum
 Minisinaakwaang Assisted Living Units
 Minneapolis American Indian Center
 Minnehaha Falls Wabun Park
 Mino Bimaadiziwin Hotel (Old Budget Host)
 Minobimaadiziwin Hotel
 Nay Ah Shing Abinoojiyag (Lower School)
 Nay Ah Shing High School
 Ne-Ia-Shing Clinic
 Onamia High School
 Public Health Building
 Red Brick House
 Territory Golf Club
 Urban Admin Offices
 Urban Office
 Wise Owl