Housing Department

The goal of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Housing Department is to provide affordable, attractive, safe and comfortable homes to Mille Lacs Band members. The department offers home loan programs, home improvement grants, and affordable housing programs to Band members. Since 1991, the Band has built more than 200 new homes and renovated many existing homes. New programs and services may be developed periodically, so please call for more information.

FOR HOUSING EMERGENCIES, CALL 866-822-8538 (Press 1, 2 or 3 for respective districts)

Daniel Boyd III, Interim Director of Housing: 320-630-2620, daniel.boyd@millelacsband.com

Vacant, General Manager: 320-532-7415

Housing Rental Waiting Lists

Housing Waiting List (Updated 1/3/17)

Home Loan & Home Loan Renovation List

Home Loan Program

Qualified applicants can receive financing to purchase an existing home, construct a new home, or refinance an existing home mortgage. The home may be located on private property or on tribal land. Mobile homes are not financed, but certain modular homes may be considered if approved in advance. Maximum loan amounts depend upon program limits and the individual’s income and other long-term debts.

Applicants’ incomes are verified and credit checks are conducted. A perfect credit history is not required, but it must be reasonable as defined by the Housing Board, which makes decisions regarding the Home Loan Program. Policies are reviewed as necessary and are subject to change. There may be a waiting list for this program.

Applicant are required to up-date their application every six (6) months in order to retain their position on the Waiting List and must provide current address.  Failure to do so will result in being removed from the waiting list entirely.

Mary Bedausky, Loan Coordinator: 320-532-7748, mary.bedausky@millelacsband.com

Jacqueline Davison, Accounts Coordinator, 320-532-7861, jacqueline.davison@millelacsband.com

Home Renovation Loan Program

Financing is provided to qualified applicants to renovate an existing home. Applicants’ incomes are verified and credit checks are conducted.

Mary Bedausky, Loan Coordinator: 320-532-7748, mary.bedausky@millelacsband.com

Affordable Rental Housing Units

Single-family rental units are available to Band members. Rent is based on the total household income, and occupancy standards apply. A damage deposit is required prior to occupancy. Because the demand for affordable housing exceeds the supply, there are waiting lists for these units.

Gina Anderson, Property Manager: 320-532-7456, gina.anderson@millelacsband.com

Ruth Sam, Resident Service Supervisor: 320-532-7430, ruth.sam@millelacsband.com

Maintenance Services

Maintenance services are available for residents of the Housing Department’s affordable housing units. Maintenance services are also provided as a benefit to Elders who live on or near the reservation. Subject to the availability of staff and funds, maintenance services may be available for a fee to other Mille Lacs Band members who live in private homes.

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Daniel Boyd, Housing Maintenance Coordinator: 320-532-7415 or (c)320-630-2620, daniel.boyd@millelacsband.com

District I

Mark Goede, Housing Warehouse Supervisor: 320-532-4656, mark.goede@millelacsband.com

Armondo Olivarez, Housing Maintenance Supervisor: 320-532-4654 or (c) 320-630-2452

District II

Michael Davis, District II Maintenance Supervisor: 218-768-3117 or (c) 320-630-2601

District III

Lionel Richey, District III Maintenance Supervisor: 320-384-7743 or (c) 320-630-9025

Elder and Handicap Housing Services

In addition to housing maintenance services, Elders or handicapped individuals who submit a written request may be eligible for renovations or the lifetime use of a home in accordance with Housing Development policies and as funds are available.

Gina Anderson, Property Manager: 320-532-7456, gina.anderson@millelacsband.com

Emergency Housing Services Loan Program

An emergency housing services loan is available for Mille Lacs Band members who have encountered an emergency that was unforeseen and beyond their control. If the emergency has caused a Band member to fall behind in basic living needs, he or she is eligible to apply for a non-interest emergency loan.

Jackie Davison, Accounts Coordinator: 320-532-7861, jackie.davison@millelacsband.com

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