Department of Natural Resources

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) develops and implements wildlife, fish and forestry improvement activities and regulates hunting, fishing and gathering on the reservation. It also provides many other services, including conservation enforcement, environmental protection, natural resource permits, historical preservation and tribal enrollment.

Susan Klapel, Executive Director of Natural Resources: 320-532-7439,

Rachel Shaugobay, Director of Natural Resources Administration: 320-532-7443,

Alyssa Welsh, Administrative Assistant to DNR: 320-532-7439,

DNR News

Wildlife Program

The Wildlife Program enhances wildlife areas and natural environments.

Kelly Applegate, Fisheries/Wildlife Biologist: 763-221-0320,

Wild Rice Program

This program manages and monitors wild rice beds.

Kelly Applegate, Fisheries/Wildlife Biologist: 763-221-0320,

Fisheries Program

The fisheries program prepares and coordinates with inter-agencies pertaining to fishery management.

Carl Klimah, Fisheries Biologist: 320-532-7733, (c) 320-733-0837.

Kelly Applegate, Fisheries/Wildlife Biologist: 763-221-0320,

DNR Enforcement Program

This program utilizes Band game wardens to enforce game, fish and environmental laws.

Mike Taylor, Chief Conservation Officer: 320-532-5690, (c) 320-630-2473,

Tony Erholtz, Conservation Officer: 320-532-5690, (c) 320-630-2472,

Jason Rice, Conservation Officer: 320-532-5690, (c) 320-630-2619,

Leah Kampa, Conservation Officer: 320-532-5690, (c) 320-630-2472,

Taylor Hochstein, Conservation Officer: 320-532-5690, (c) 320-630-7331,

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

The Mille Lacs Band provides Band members with licenses to hunt and fish on tribally-owned land or off the reservation. Issuers can also assist people with other natural resource issues.

District I

Kevin Stobb, Lead Licensing Agent: 320-532-7896,

District II

Randi Harrington, Licensing Agent: 218-768-3311,

District IIa

Carmen Green, Program Administrator: 320-676-1102,

District III

Vanessa Gibbs, Licensing Agent: 320-384-6240,ext.230

Urban Office

Barb Benjamin-Robertson, Urban Program Administrator: 612-872-1424,

Environmental Programs

Environmental Programs operations, administration and coordination associated with the Environmental Protection Agency and Band funded programs. In addition, inspections of NPDES (stormwater) and Underground Storage Tanks are conducted to ensure environmental resource protection.

Perry Bunting, Director of Environmental Programs: 320-532-7446 (c) 320-630-2439,

Ryan Rupp, Environmental Programs Manager: 320-532-7442,

Air Program

The Air Program monitors air quality, measures air contaminants, and works to correct any problems.

Charles Lippert, Air Quality Technician: 320-532-4704

Ground/Surface Water Program

This program monitors the quality of ground and surface water, measures contaminants, and works to correct any problems.

Chad Weiss, Aquatic Biologist: 320-532-7445

Water Quality Lab

The Water Quality Lab conducts tests on air as well as on ground, surface, drinking and waste water.

Jeremy J. Harrington, Water Quality Technician: 320-532-7721,

Brownfield Program

Todd Moilanen, Brownfield Coordinator: 320-532-4772,

Real Estate Services

Services are provided to Band members who have questions about land leases, purchases, or other real estate activities.

Lisa Johnson, Real Estate Director: 320-532-7552, (c) 320-630-2432,

Jenny Kegg, Real Estate Clerk: 320-532-7449,

Bridgett Donahue, Realty Researcher: 320-532-7702,

James Kalk, Realty Researcher: 320-532-7897,

Historical Preservation

This program works to preserve archaeological sites and repatriate artifacts.

Natalie Weyaus, Tribal Historic Preservation Office: 320-532-7450,

Charlie Sam, Compliance Officer: 320-532-7780, (c) 320-362-1393,

Terry Kemper, THPO Assistant: 320-532-7780, (c) 320-362-1393,


The tribal government’s archives department collects and preserves written materials for the Band and makes them available to researchers and other interested people.

Mike Wilson, Archivist: 320-532-7535,

Forestry/Fire Program

The Forestry/Fire Program is responsible for preventing and fighting wildfires.

Jake Horbacz, Forester: 320-532-7513, (c) 320-630-5752,

Dean Staples, Lead Forestry Technician: 320-532-7589 (c) 320-630-2431,

Cortney Nadeau, Wildland Fire Fighter D1: 320-532-7589

Ernie Boyd, Wildland Fire Fighter D1: 320-532-7589

Tyler Rosnau, Wildland Fire Fighter D1: 320-532-7589

Vacant, Wildland Fire Fighter D2: 320-532-7589

Eli Staples, Wildland Fire Fighter D3: 320-384-6564

Vacant, Wildland Fire Fighter D3: 320-384-6564

Land Maintenance

Andrew Boyd, Environmental Projects Manager: 320-532-7779,

Richard Martin, Lead Land Maintenance Technician D3: 320-384-6564 (c) 320-630-2417

Jordan Williams, Land Maintenance Technician D1: 320-532-7439

Jeremiah Houser, Lead Land Maintenance Technician D1: 320-532-7439 (c) 320-362-1476

Wen Aubid, Land Maintenance Technician D2: 218-768-3311 (c) 320-241-7366

Daryl Aubid, Land Maintenance Technician D2: 218-768-3311 (c) 320-241-7366

Vacant, Land Maintenance Technician D3:

Wallace St. John, Land Maintenance Technician D3: 320-384-6564

Tribal Enrollment & Probate

The Tribal Enrollments Office assists people who want to enroll as a Mille Lacs Band member. It also provides enrolled Band members with tribal identification cards.

Vacant, Enrollments Manager: 320-532-7440

Michelle Saice, Enrollments Specialist: 320-532-7784,

Maria Powell, Enrollments Assistant, 320-532-7512,

Sue Engberg, Probate Clerk: 320-532-7571,


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