Child Support Enforcement Program

The Child Support Enforcement Program will assist Band members through the legal process of child support; including paternity testing, helping determine child support obligations and enforcing those obligations.

Child Support Enforcement Brochure

Change of Address Form

Child Support Change of Address Procedures

Contact Information

Helpful Information

Indian Legal Aid Office

  • 320-532-7798
  • Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

How to submit Income Withholding Orders for Mille Lacs Band members and employees of Mille Lacs Band businesses or government

Required documents to register all NEW Income withholding orders

  • Copy of Court order
  • Registration of Foreign Judgment form
  • Statement of Arrears
  • Transmittal Form
  • Income withholding form

Required documents to AMEND Income withholding orders

  • Statement of Arrears
  • Transmittal Form
  • Updated Income withholding form

Required documents to process COLA increases

  • COLA Notice
  • Updated Income withholding form


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